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JB Teller is a romantic comedy writer and a South Texas native. She lived in Europe for a few years before moving to the Bay Area and opening a bakery. After ten years in the Bay Area, in 2016, she moved to colorful Colorado. She is married to Rob, a commercial airline pilot, and has one child, Robert who is a sophomore in high school.

In 2020, she published her first novel, the romantic comedy No Alcohol Beyond This Point. In 2021, she published her second novel, Open Bar. Her third stand-alone novel, Haddy and the Seven Ghost will be out 2022. 


JB is an animal lover with four dogs and a rescue cat. On most days she writes, but on the off chance she isn't, you can find her trying new foods, meeting new friends or going on adventures. She is a self-proclaimed music trivia champion, inventor of Dirty Scrabble, and a Mini Cooper enthusiast. 

Her novels: No Alcohol Beyond This Point (2020), Open Bar (2021), and Hattie and the Seven Ghost (2022)


Get ready to put your feet on the dash, turn up the music, and travel in a 1969 Mini Cooper with two witty, laugh out loud sisters in this romantic comedy. A heart-warming tale of misadventures, music, soul-searching, love, and a rescue dog named Lone-Lee. 


Mar and Joan have always had an unbreakable bond. More than sisters, they are best friends. When a life-changing event tries to drag Joan down, her headstrong and playful little sister, Mar, comes to the rescue. The only cure – an epic road trip from California to New York. Along the way, Mar crosses paths with a charming man. Is he a reason, season, or a lifetime? Joan dares her to find out.


From a Napa wine tasting gone awry to a hunt for spirit animals, Mar’s appetite for mischief knows no bounds. It’s one uproarious adventure to the next with heartfelt moments of clarity in between.


A delightful mix between Notting Hill and Sisters. Hop in, grab your pretend microphone, and buckle up. Get ready to fall in love with Mar, Joan, and, of course, Lone-Lee.


Entertaining from beginning to end, the kind of book you can’t put down.
Funny, sweet and adventurous!

No Alcohol Beyond this Point will take you on a fun ride! It also reminds me of my sister and what fun we would have taking a road trip across the country. Great job JB Teller for a great book written!! Can’t wait for more books by JB Teller!!

Perfect for fans of Notting Hill and Ali Hazelwood's The Love Hypothesis, Open Bar is a hilarious romantic comedy that will have you asking how far you would go for love— literally!

             Mar thought her life would be perfect the moment she stepped down onto London soil to finally proclaim her love. Her life in California, her bakery, and the road trip with Joan seem like a lifetime ago. But, of course, the distance turns out to be precisely the problem. Can the budding relationship stand the test of paparazzi, fangirls, and Mar missing her life back in San Francisco? After all, they’ve gone through, how can she ask Thomas to relocate if she isn’t willing to herself? Is love enough? 

            With sister Joan once more at her side, Mar throws herself into London life with her usual spirit and enthusiasm, all the while desperately trying to shush that nagging worry in the back of her mind. With some of the usual suspects and a new cast of characters, Mar is again on another uproarious adventure.

            Nightclubs, royal weddings, and London life have Mar and Joan on another adventure-filled romp—this time across the pond!


JB Teller delivers a romantic comedy filled with love, laughs, and a dash of adventure in the riotous and uplifting sequel to No Alcohol Beyond This Point.   

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