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Cover Reveal

Good morning everyone!

It's a crisp morning here in Monument, Colorado! We had a heavy rainstorm yesterday, and the grass is very green today. Before I get to rambling on about everything and nothing all at once...

I have some very exciting news. I received the cover for my new book, Open Bar, today, and I wanted to first reveal it to you guys! I hope you like it! I'd love to hear feedback!

This week is going to be very productive for me. It comes with more writing, editing, meetings with my marketing team, and a launch of my cover.

Also, my book, No Alcohol Beyond This Point, went on sale on Amazon and is now available on Kindle Unlimited in preperation for Open Bar this Septemeber. You can buy it here at

In other exciting news, two of my nieces are pregnant, so lots of baby shopping happening. Oh, the fun I'm going to have shopping for twins and a girl. Also, we would like to welcome Winston, my nephewdog to the family. He joins his sister, Barry.

Some of my family are visiting from Texas this coming week. We will spend much needed family time, hiking, going to the zoo, and just hanging out. I'm also super excited to see Dirty Heads on July 1st at the Red Rocks.

I'll go live, and you can see some of the concert on my Instagram page.

As always, thank you for following me on this crazy writing journey. If you haven't and would like to write a review for my first book, No Alcohol Beyond This Point, you can on and

Reviews are much appreciated, and I read each one of them. If you would like to reach out to me for any reason, you can on my Instagram or Twitter.

Ok, friends. I'll leave you with this today. Stay close to people who feel like sunshine.



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