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W.O.K.E Interview

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

W.O.K.E. Author Zone

W.O.K.E. Wednesday - Author, J.B. Teller

Today's Women of Knowledge & Empowerment focus is Author, J.B. Teller. She just finished her new book, No Alcohol Beyond This Point, a tale of two sisters who go on a road trip after a life-changing experience. Lots of music, soul-searching, misadventures, a Mini Cooper & a dog named Lone-Lee. Follow her on Twitter and support this author's work. #StayWOKE! ~The Interview~ Who is J.B. Teller the person, not the writer? "I generally don’t like to talk about myself. I’m shy in that sense, but here you go…I believe in kindness, if you have more than you need, build a bigger table, not a higher fence. My family and friends are everything to me. I have never met a stranger. I'm quick with a joke and I’d rather be optimistic than pessimistic. My heart is bigger than Texas. If you met me in the street, I’d be the one to invite you over for tea or the first one to include you at a dinner party. On any given night, you could easily find me dancing barefoot in my kitchen to Van Morrison’s Into the Mystic. Or grabbing the world by the seat of the pants and jumping right into any new adventure." Now, tell us who J.B. Teller the author is? "J.B. Teller the writer is much like J.B. Teller the person. As a writer, my goal is to take people on adventures that make them search their souls while laughing hysterically." What made you want to start writing? "Originally, I started writing to put on paper my adventures with my sister. One day, it took a turn and I was writing a full-blown novel, still built around our shenanigans." How did you decide on Romantic Comedy? "Romantic comedy chose me. When I first started, I was just writing down some of the misadventures my sister and I had been on. It just evolved into a romantic comedy. The story wrote itself, I just happened to be at the keyboard as they say. Please don’t ask me who “they” are." Are your books animated? "No, but imagining our adventures in an animated series makes me belly laugh." What is the hardest part of writing a romantic comedy? "For me, there isn’t a hard part, but if I had to pick something, editing is the least fun, but please don’t tell my editor. If she asks, tell him, “I love editing! Editing! Yippee!”

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